Board of Directors

Our Volunteer Board of Directors

What Does Our Board of Directors Do?

Sterling Area Health Center has a volunteer board to:
  • “Govern” the center
  • Serve as a link with the community
  • Comply with State and Federal laws.
The board supports Sterling Health Center by:
  • Defining and preserving the mission of the organization
  • Making policies
  • Safeguarding the assets of the center
  • Selecting, evaluating and supporting the CEO
  • Monitoring and evaluating center and board performance
  • Planning for the long-term future of the Center

Board of Directors

Robin Korona,  Chairperson

John Swaffield,  Vice-Chairperson

Jeannette Krawczak, Treasurer

Nicholas Schlicht, Secretary

Roger Anderson, Director

Connie Dearman, Director

Kristy Lyons, Director

Ronda Switek, Director

David Krzyzaniak, Director

Ronda Switek, Director

Mary DeLaat, Director

Tim Houghteling, Director

James J. Balten, Jr. ,  President & CEO

Our Locations
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